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Everything we do is designed to do one big thing, HELP ANGLERS SMASH THEIR GOALS!
We all have Carp Fishing (or other fishing) goals. Maybe it's catch a bigger fish, catch more fish or just go fishing... No matter what your goals are we want you to achieve them, and achieve them quickly!

To do this we believe that anglers need access to a positive community of like minded people, access to the best products and bait and access to the best venues. 

We also believe in giving something back to those less fortunate and encouraging Angling Participation at all levels.
We provide anglers of all ages and abilities access to the best venues and tuition!
We have recently launched our brand new "Social & Learning" events to our VIP group, later on in the year these events will be made public!

We work with premier venues around the world to bring good value, expert tuition and "Goal Smashing" Carp to our community members without the worry of needing certain "expensive" equipment or having to be part of someone's clique to take part. 

Under the banner of Carp (dot) Social we believe that a good event should combine the social element of meeting new people, making friends and working together with proper training and guidance. 

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Have you ever asked a question only to be ridiculed by other anglers? 
At Carp Global we offer advice and will try to answer the most basic questions, we also frown on anglers and groups who take time to ridicule beginners or those simply seeking advice. 

Our concepts such as Total Tackle Training, the #RigHacker program and other structured learning mean that all anglers can learn without the fear of saying the wrong thing. It is our main goal to help you achieve your fishing goals and we are innovating and coming up with new ways of doing this on a regular basis.

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Set Goals >> Smash Goals >> Set Goals!!
Have you actually written your Fishing Goals down? If not now is the time to do so, when you write down your goals you have something to aim for, a purpose in Angling and we will help you get there!! 

Our Products, Events, Training, Community and exclusive offers, all backed by leading bait and tackle companies will give you the breath of fresh air you have been looking for and it all starts in the Carp Global Group.... 

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GIVING BACK to Angling? 
Anglers come from all walks of life and all different backgrounds and we recognise that not everyone can walk into a shop and spend thousands on bait and tackle. 

We know some folks have it a little harder than others and therefore have created the Tackle 4 Change initiative.

This new, exciting initiative means that we can put much needed tackle and bait into the hands of those less fortunate and monitor how said products have impacted on an Angler's life.... 

Tackle 4 Change actively seeks out those less fortunate, and those excluded from Angling and gives them access to bait, tackle and support, plus all the decisions are made by real anglers who have a common aim.... To help people smash their goals!! 

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Access To Bait, Tackle & Day To Day Advice!
We have always sold bait and tackle online but in September 2018 we opened up our first shop in Preston. Preston Fishing Shop is just 5 minutes from junction 29 of the M6 and has already seen visitors from across the globe make the journey to see us, ask questions and get the best deals on bait, tackle and everything needed to smash fishing goals into oblivion! 

We stock over 60 big brands and cater for Carp and Coarse anglers AND already we are looking (and planning) to expand. 

With a vast inventory, awesome help and advice and a super fast mail delivery service, we will help you beat those goals and keep beating them - visit us today or give us a call.... 

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The Power of Giving!!
Our 30 days of Fishmas giveaway saw us go live every day in December and give away thousands of pounds of branded bait and tackle, much more than ANY other company (to the best of our knowledge). 

We love a good competition and run regular raffles (free) and other cool giveaways which collectively have totaled over £10,000 of items sent out in the last year alone.... 

Something we aim to do more of too and something you can get involved in right now!

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Buckets of Carp Fishing Goodness!! 
At Carp Global we believe in giving A LOT of Value and we invite you to get involved. From Events, to Training, to Products and Advice we really have something for everyone and have some big plans for the next few years!! 

We are more than a fishing shop, not just events, and certainly like nothing you have seen before.... 

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From Your First Carp....
Fishing should be enjoyable and stress free!

From your first fish to your last we want you to enjoy every precious moment that you are out on the bank.

It is not about ego, who's best or other things that are irrelevant it is about you, your fishing and smashing those fishing goals!! 

Plus having fun and staying safe while you are out doing what you love in your spare time!! 

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"The Key To Smashing Your Fishing Goals Is A Good Community Of Like Minded Anglers, Access To The Best Products, Access To Quality Venues & Effective Training - That's #carpglobal"
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