Oh Man, We Have Hidden £2467+ Of Carp Fishing Goodies In Some Of Our BEST SELLING Products... Find Them & They Are Yours To Keep!

A Chance To Discover Hidden Treasure When You Order The Items You Want & Need

  Press Play On The Video Below & Turn Up Your Sound To See How Our Treasure Hunt Works!

Every Order Made During The Treasure Hunt Will Get

  • A Massive Saving (Press The Button To Add The Saving NOW)
  • ​3 x Raffle Tickets For The End Of January Draw 
  • ​A Little Something Extra For FREE
  • ​Fast Delivery & Awesome Support 
  • ​+ the chance to find treasure (listed below)

Hidden Treasure To Be Found In Key Products:

We Will Email You The FULL LIST Of Hidden Treasure When You Register!!

Bonus Treasure To Be Unearthed:

  • The Order Nearest To 6am, 12 noon, 6pm and Midnight EACH DAY Will Unlock A Cash Voucher 
  • ​ALL Orders Go Into The Bonus Treasure Draw (Drawing With The Jan Raffle) 
  • ​The Person Who Spends The MOST During The Treasure Hunt Event Wins £100 To Spend
  • ​One Person Who Changes Their Profile Pic To Our Treasure Hunt Logo Wins £100 To Spend
  • ​The Person Who Makes The MOST Orders During The Event Wins Money To Spend

Grab Your Profile Pic Below:

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