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Our Customer Service Process

We have invested thousands of pounds in our support system, staff training, telephone system, automated responses, order tracking and more. We work with the best companies and the best couriers to provide the best service, fast delivery, awesome after sales and support when choosing the right product. Simply open a help ticket by pressing help on ANY of our web pages (bottom right) OR call us on 01772 379320 (choose an option)

We also have a very active, highly engaged Facebook Community where you can watch live updates, win prizes, find out about our events and more.... 

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Our Focus Is To Help Angler's Achieve Their Carp Fishing Goals!

We Want You To Catch More & Fish More!!

Often when you walk out of the tackle shop that is the end of the relationship, and then it is up to you to get the most from your investment. At Carp Global / Preston Fishing Shop we are different, we have regular live streams, events, competitions, exclusive promotions with our partner companies and training & resources to help you get the most from your Carp Fishing. 

We want to talk to you, hear about your goals and help you stack the odds of catching more, bigger Carp in your favour! 

We know that not everyone is a fishing expert, we don't care what tackle you use as long as it is safe for the fish, we know everyone is on a different level and we are here to help.... 

Wanna chat? just open a help ticket by pressing HELP on any page.... 

We Are Anglers - Just Like You!

Carp Global Is FAMILY Owned & Run

As you can see from the pics Carp Fishing is something we LOVE... 

Danny & Siobhan have years of experience working with people, working with communities and making a difference to people's lives.

Our approach, understanding and knowledge means that ALL Anglers can get help, advice, the best products for the job, safe in the knowledge that we are not driven by what the share holders say.

We won't tell you to buy things because they make us more money - we will advise you to use the right tools for the job so you catch more fish!! And we have some exclusives you can't find at other dealers!

Look out for our hashtag #ydgtaad (you don't get that at another dealer) and look out for your free goodies in your first (and every) order - that's right, the more you shop the more we will give you for free...

This is not about money, this is about the future of Angling and YOUR Fishing Goals!! 

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