I'm Looking For Carp Anglers Who Want To...
If This sounds like You...
I Want to PERSONALLY Invite you to become a Carp Global Member, and when you join you get automatic entry into our BIGGEST EVER DRAW & a bunch of Carp Global Goodies for FREE!
" Carp Global Membership Will Give You Awesome Benefits & Entry To The £1000 Mega Mega Mega Draw"
What Is The Carp Global Membership Program?
Not everyone wants to be a Tester, yet Anglers tell us they want more than just a Facebook Group! 
Anglers want Raffles but we cannot do them in the public group, and Anglers want to show ongoing support for Carp Global by giving donations but we cannot really accept them... Carp Global membership gives us another option, and opens up new ways to win, learn from each other and support Carp Global in the process, we have an awesome membership available AND 10x £1000 prize draw entries for every member!
What You Can Expect Inside:
  •  Discount: Our members get a good discount in our shops
  • Private Group: Just Members, High Quality Posts
  • Tackle & Bait: Every Member gets a welcome pack!
  •  Membership Carp: No, we didn't say membership card...
*Open On A Trial Basis - It's Up To You*

10 Entries into the £1000 Draw Each

Our competitions are always awesome but this one is the biggie, £1000 in bait, tackle and more to one lucky member, when you join you get 10 entries and 10 chances to win... 

- Danny Walsh
3 Levels Of Membership From Just £4
Will You Join Us?
When you see how we have set this up you will hopefully be as excited as we are, we appreciate everyone's support and will continue to provide free competitions and exciting things in the main group, the members program is a little bit different and is only for those who will contribute and enjoy taking part...
Read This Before Going ANY further:
From The Desk Of Danny Walsh
Preston, UK.

I always wanted to run a club, my first attempt was when I was about 7 and I had three members, moving on I ran youth clubs and activities as well as loads of events... I have worked with thousands of people.

But never as many as since we started Carp Global!

There are over 14,500 people, the size of a small town in the group and that is awesome. Members have asked me to create a way to hold members' events, run raffles, do bigger give away competitions and have said they "will even pay" to take part... 

After much thought I have decided...
We Need A Membership...
Anyone can come into the main group, and we will keep doing the comps and stuff we do, however when a person commits a few pounds to be part of something they tend to look after it more... So hopefully we will get rid of the trolls, the spammers, the people who cause trouble, everyone here will be here out of choice, not randomly added by others. There will be no talk about orders, no stupid posts and no spam! 

And we will enable activities such as member raffles (properly licensed I may add) and events (without someone getting jealous in the group and putting a stop to it)... Can you see where I am going with this?
Here's How To Apply For Your Spot In The Membership
And claim your 10x , Entries to the £1000 Draw which I will announce the date of in the private member's only group very soon...
  •  Member's Only Competitions 
  •  Future Events & Licensed Raffles
  •  Members Welcome Pack in the mail
  •  Members Card
  •  Members Discount 
  •  The £1000 Draw AND
  •  A special surprise in the mail...
Ready To Start Your Membership, Get Entry To The £1000 Draw, Join The Private Member's Group, Get Your Membership Carp, Discount and other EXCLUSIVE Global Goodies?
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