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How Do I Know This Is Not Some Scam?
Are you crazy, Carp Global has been giving away prizes online for over five years, there are 17,000+ people in our Facebook Community & We have some of the BEST Reviews in the Carp Fishing Industry AND A desire to help you achieve your Carp Fishing Goals! This Site Is 100% FREE To Enter The Competition and your details are only used to sign you up, share relevant information and notify you if you win. 
Why Is It Free Then? What's The Catch?
No catch, someone will win everything you see in the picture, for free, you have to be in it to win it though - AND we know that you probably play a bunch of other Carp Fishing Raffles and Sweepstakes online - did you question those when they take your money? 
So how does it all work then?
Simple, you sign up with your real name, best email and a phone number then follow the instructions on the next page to confirm your entry, unlock extra entries and reveal your bonuses. We will show you exactly how it works, when the draw is happening and how you will know if you have won - HINT, we do all of this via video using random number generation software - sign up on this page to register now!
What if I have been removed from the Facebook Group in the past?
If you have been removed from the group in the past we will probably let you back in, unless you are a total whopper in which case we can't help you, we reserve the right to reject entries and refuse entry - 99% of anglers are welcome - just don't be a d**k and respect the rules and others in the community - it's a free draw to give back to the angling community - who even does this? 
I am sure Gambling is illegal and I am going to report you...
Read again, this is FREE, there is nothing to pay and nothing to gamble - but to be fair if you are the kind of person who likes making reports don't bother signing up you probably won't last long in our Community anyway... 
Oh, your that p**ck with the Beard from up north?
Haha, we have a bunch of people who hate on us because we have been successful, have borrowed their customer base, have made more money selling tackle than they have, or because we have upset them somehow - some folks just need a bandaid and a cuddle - the truth is we are a family business with a big heart and have been burned ourselves along the way, so before you make your mind up, why not give this a go, we welcome you and want to see you succeed in Carp Fishing and achieve your fishing goals. Give us a try you might even win :) nothing like a nice bivvy and some delks to change an opinion!
But I thought you went bust and shut down, some bait company was laughing about you in a group the other day... 
Haha, we laughed when we saw the price of their "home made" boilies too, you see where we are going with this. The truth is we closed our shop, and had dealt with so many difficult customers we nearly went broke, but something inside us tells us that being here for our community matters, and we can't let the 1% ruin it for the 99%, there are good anglers, good friends, people who need us, so yes we are back, yes it's different and yes you are invited... 

"Enter Now Before You Miss The Draw" - Danny

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